Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The SJSU Solar Workforce project

On Tuesday, the state of California announced the award of $19 million in grants for the Green Innovation Challenge. According to the official press release:
“California is already seeing green job growth but we must continue working to accelerate this trend. These Challenge grants will encourage innovative green companies to train and hire Californians to further our state’s leadership in the green economy,” said Governor Schwarzenegger. “It is the private sector that will ultimately lead California out of this economic crisis, and I urge our industry leaders in the green economy and their partners to identify the skills future employees need, build creative programs to train them and then put them to work.”
The state awarded two-year grants to six public-private partnerships: two on renewable energy (headquartered in San Jose and Oroville), two on alternative fuels/vehicles (San Diego, San Mateo), one on energy efficiency (San Jose) and one on water efficiency (Los Angeles).

SJSU is one of the subcontractors to the $4 million San Jose-based SolarTech Workforce Innovations Collaborative, which is led by
The SJSU project is a joint effort of the College of Business and College of Engineering, and expects to be preparing bachelor’s and master’s level graduates for careers in solar energy or other Silicon Valley-based renewable energy/energy efficiency firms.

We have a temporary web page, and will be using this blog to post news of our project.

If you have any questions about the project, please feel free to contact Prof. Joel West.